SAMPSON Family Researchers

Here's a list of those individuals who are doing research on the Sampson line and have shared information with me:

Alma Peterson-Isaac Sampson family
has old copies of Sampson family newsletter (I also have copies) with lots of research and information, extensive research notes, photo FGS of Isaac Sampson and Martha Hendrick

extensive notes on Sampsons, gedcom on Sampsons, ggson of Isacc Sampson Jr.

has gedcom of 110 pages of fgs (has quite a few duplicates that need to be merged). Notes that the Ancestral File tied Ezekiel Sampson as son of Obadiah Sampson which hasn't been proved, with notes in microsoft works, has been to Holland and done research on Swarthouts (Hendrix line) needs to have a document translated from Dutch, grandson of Mary Jane Sampson

Luella Faucett...........WFaucett

advid genealogist from Virginia trying to link Peter Lemmon with Henry Lemmon but not documented yet, her great grandmother Martha Ann Lemmon Doxford wrote history of John Lemmon, has history of Glenwood Ward from Sevier Co, Utah also has photos of Peter Lemmon and his 2 wives somewhere (will send), photo of Martha Ann Lemmon Doxford and her sister Mary Lemmon Hastings

Thanks also to Roe Ann Gooch
she has done excellent research for many many years on the Issac Sampson line, all carefully documented and available in Sampson Family Organization newsletters-also available at Family History Library in SLC She was blind during the last years of her life and unable to do further research. She is , now deceased bu her contributions to research on this line continue.

Thanks to Marion Gustavson (my real life cousin)
who got me going on these lines again and shared all the addresses she found on AOLís Genealogy Forum

Gene Lemmon who lives in Lancaster Calif and had a Lemmon Family Organization years back and has does much research. Iíve written him but no response.

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